Morcheeba No More

In the spring of 2014, Ross Godfrey and Skye Edwards were at an Australian music festival, at the main stage’s side after finishing their own set. They watched the headlining band play through a raw set, and it made them toy with the idea of making an intense record themselves. The duo have been performing around the world as Morcheeba, which is actually a trio with Ross’ brother Paul, who stayed at home. And as the two of them watched the band, they realized the discord between what happens in the studio and what happens in a live performance.

The result of such realization is SKYE | ROSS, a record that sets forth in a new direction without leaving behind the origins of Morcheeba’s sound. It’s the kind of music that you’d expect Ross and Skye would make, and yet, it’s not exactly an extension of their past work with Morcheeba.

It’s not actually the first time that the two wandered outside the realms of Morcheeba. In 2015, Skye released In A Low Light, her fourth record as a solo artist. Meanwhile, Ross is a part of the trio that is Little Mountain, which includes his wife Amanda Zamolo. And then last year, he sent Skye the acoustic guitar riffs that later became the single Clear My Mind. Right off the bat, Ross realized that they were onto something when Skye sent back her vocals. It was just Skye’s voice and the acoustic guitar, and yet, they didn’t felt the need to change or edit anything.

And the rest, as they say it, is history. Everything that Ross sent to Skye seem to instantly inspire lyrics from the latter, regardless if they were delicate fingerstyle acoustics or fuzzy riffs of guitar. This was all after Paul quit the band in October of 2014. They didn’t reach an agreement with Paul over the use of the Morcheeba name, so they took it as an opportunity to call themselves as SKYE | ROSS. This is a duo that MTab / SSL will definitely keep tabs on, so check back often for more stories like this.

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